General Info

What You Should Bring to an Appointment

Please bring your referral if you have one as well as any other documentation that may be helpful to the physiotherapist when developing a treatment plan.  Also we recommend that you bring clothing that will allow easier access to the injured area. If the injured area is the neck or shoulder a tank top or loose t-shirt would be ideal. If you are here for treatment in your lower extremities then shorts may be required.

For the initial assessment it is advised that you arrive a few minutes before your appointment to fill out the Newcastle Village Physiotherapy Initial Intake


A doctor’s referral is not required to make an appointment at Newcastle Village Physiotherapy. However, some extended healthcare insurance plans require a doctor’s referral. It is important to check with your extended healthcare insurance to determine if a doctor’s referral is needed.


Generally Physiotherapy is covered through extended healthcare insurance. Before your first visit it is advised that you contact your extended healthcare insurance so that you are aware of how many visits are covered and also to find out if your extended health care benefits will cover the complete cost of the visits.

We are able to bill directly to telus on-line however payment is required at the end of each visit. Payment will come directly to you from your provider.

Newcastle Village Physiotherapy is a private clinic and currently does not accept WSIB patients. Individuals 19 years or younger or over the age of 65 are eligible to have their physiotherapy treatment covered by OHIP at certain physiotherapy centres in the Durham Region including but not limited to: Lakeridge Health, Bowmanville or Oshawa Clinics.